The County Film Festival Coming ToPrince Edward County on September 29

A unique festival dedicated to screenwriters and the art of adaptation

A new film festival will launch in Prince Edward County this
September bringing a fresh perspective on the movies we love. The County Film
Festival puts screenwriters in the spotlight, and features exclusively adapted
content. Whether adapted from a book, a podcast, a painting or a song, The County
Film Festival is passionate about the art of adaptation and bringing together writers
and audiences.
The County Film Festival is a project of Picton’s Regent Theatre, which is owned and
operated by the not-for-profit and registered charity, The Regent Theatre
Foundation. The Festival builds on the success of the Regent’s curated Special
Screenings which, since re-opening post-pandemic in August 2021, have generated
more attendance in single screenings than traditional theatrical runs of films such as
AIR and TÁR.
By focusing on adapted content, the Festival has both a niche and a long
programming runway that extends from gala screenings to curated conversations, to
concerts, master classes, meals and more. But one thing at a time. First, on
September 29, 2023 at 7PM ET the Regent Theatre will host the first-ever event of
The County Film Festival – programming to be announced later in August.
According to The Regent Theatre’s Executive Director, Alexandra Seay, “Our
audience is hungry for engagement, for something more than the story on screen –
hearing a filmmaker’s perspective, discussing the film in a meaningful way – having
the opportunity to ask questions in an intimate setting makes coming to the movies
a unique and memorable experience. Creating a festival is a natural extension of this
experience and is particularly important in the current climate of shrinking
exhibition windows and changing viewership habits. It is critical for us as an
independently owned and operated cinema in a rural community to continue to find
ways of growing our audience, and keeping the magic of cinema alive for the next

“Alexandra Seay has managed to create a festival experience without a festival via her
smartly curated presentations at Picton’s Regent Theatre,” says filmmaker and film
critic Brian D. Johnson. “She didn’t just invite me to do a Q&A after showing my film
THE COLOUR OF INK, she invited a gifted local filmmaker, Tess Girard, to moderate
the discussion. What unfolded was a deep-dive conversation that went far beyond
the usual parameters of a Q&A. That’s the kind of experience I associate with a
serious film festival, not a one-off screening in a small town.”
“The County Film Festival builds on this experience by curating conversations
between peer artists around the process of adaptation for the screen”, adds John
Galway, filmmaker and Festival Producer. “Imagine: Katzuo Ishiguro in
conversation with Michael Ondaatje, or Margaret Atwood in conversation with Sarah
Polley on the art of adaptation. Who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall for a
discussion between artists of this calibre?”
“The County Film Festival is right at home in alluring Prince Edward County,” says
Eleanor Cook, Executive Director @visitthecounty. “This creative place sets the
stage for a memorable weekend enhanced by the backdrop of ripe vineyards in
September, chefs’ harvest menus, heritage architecture, bespoke places to stay,
punctuated by vivid island sunsets.”
The Festival’s growing independent advisory committee comprised of industry
leaders with connections to the County includes Michèle Maheux, John Galway,
Hussain Amarshi, Devyani Saltzman, Tim Smythe-Bishop, and Sol Korngold. From
among their ranks John Galway, long-time CEO of the Harold Greenburg Fund and
Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Toronto Irish Film Festival will take the lead
as Festival Producer working alongside the Regent Theatre’s Executive Director and
the Festival Artistic Director, Alexandra Seay.
Over the next year, The Regent Theatre will build the Festival staff, infrastructure and
a network of community partners beginning with the Royal Hotel, in order to
produce the inaugural Festival in the fall of 2024. The full Festival will launch in 2024
as a three-day event to be held annually on the last weekend of September.
“Here at the Royal we believe in supporting our community,” stated Sol Korngold,
General Manager of The Royal Hotel in Picton. “We are incredibly excited to be
partnering with our neighbours at the Regent Theatre to build this Festival from the
ground up as a signature Prince Edward County event.”


The news of the upcoming film Festival will be celebrated alongside an
announcement from Ontario’s Energy Minister Todd Smith on August 2 at The
Regent Theatre (224 Picton Main Street) at 1:30PM ET. To RSVP, please contact
What’s in a name? Everything!
That’s why we don’t have one yet. It needs to be perfect. And we need your help to
find it. “Devour! The Food Film Festival” is a great example of a name that perfectly
reflects their programming. So what’s the perfect name for a festival that is about
adaptations beyond books? Have your say. https
About The County Film Festival:
A film estival completely dedicated to the art of adaptation. The raison d’etre
(conceived long before the WGA strike but now quite timely) is to put screenwriters
in the spotlight and in conversation with each other. The focus is on adaptations
broadly – yes, about books … but we’re thinking bigger. Just imagine – paintings,
podcasts, plays and other films. Located two hours outside of Toronto in Prince
Edward County – with a beautiful heritage cinema, gourmet food, award-winning
wines and the support of a luxury hotel, the Festival promises a top-tier and inspiring
experience for our invited guests.


For more information, or to RSVP for tomorrow’s press conference, please contact:
Angie Power
(Route 504 PR)

*Artists names have been used to indicate the level of discourse the Festival aims to achieve
and does not reflect a formal participation or endorsement of the Festival by the individuals.

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