Funding Update

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The Regent Theatre receives over $160,000 in funding from
two family foundations to conduct cinema screen and theatrical equipment upgrades.
With support from the John M. & Bernice Parrott Foundation ($139,000) and Stark Family
Fund ($23,804) respectively The Regent Theatre is embarking on two simultaneous capital
improvement projects: 1) upgrading the theatrical lighting and sound inventory of the
theatre and 2) motorizing the cinema screen.

With the return of full capacity programming (4+ live shows per month plus 6-7 movies per
week) it is critical that upgrades to our cinema, lighting and sound systems be made to
improve safety, effciency, meet industry standards and maintain relevance in an
increasingly competitive market.

Technicians and renters have long bemoaned the limitations of the Regentés in-house sound
and lighting gear for theatrical use. The break-in and subsequent theft of approximately
$10,000 worth of gear in January 2022 did not help the situation. It has been our standard
operating procedure to rent additional gear when our own falls short of rider requirements.
According to Executive Director, Alexandra Seay, èThis is a turning point for the Regent.
Over the years technicians who have worked in the space have presented me with laundry
lists of recommended changes that would make their job easier, safer and the shows better.
I am thrilled to ̨ nally have the resources, thanks to the Parrott Foundation, to bring the
Regent up to a competitive industry standard for theatrical production. Lighting
Currently, our lighting system relies on conventional instruments connected to a dimmer
rack. This presents a signi ̨ cant power draw, an expense which will be eliminated by
converting to LED ̨ xtures. Lights are also currently hung on a ̨ xed grid, meaning that
technicians must climb up to the grid each time a light needs to be focused, moved or a gel
colour changed í it is a labour intensive process. Time spent working at heights presents
increased risk to technicians and signi ̨ cant delays to setup for live shows.
Thanks to the John M. & Bernice Parrott Foundation the Regent will be able to motorize
parts of the grid, add an adjustable front of house lighting truss and replace the old
inventory with LED ̨ xtures capable of being programmed remotely from the lighting

The result will be improved safety and ef ̨ ciency for both technicians and renters.
Our house PA is suf ̨ cient for smaller acts (e.g. Comedy Country) and bands (e.g. Miss.
Emily) but is inadequate for larger touring acts (e.g. Aaron Goodvin, Daniel Lanois etc.).
Upgrading our PA, replacing monitors, adding to our wireless inventory and component
parts will drastically improve our in-house services.

PRESS RELEASE July 6, 2023
On Wednesday June 28, 2023 The Stark Family Fund, administered by the Community
Foundation for Kingston & Area, announced their decision to award the Regent Theatre
$23,804 to motorize the cinema screen. This will improve safety & ef ̨ ciency.
èA motorized movie screen will be a huge improvement on our existing set up which
currently requires a dedicated technician to ascend into the grid to manually release
1000lbs ofsandbags – functioning as counterweights – in order to raise/lower the movie
screen between live show and movie screenings.ê Executive Director, Alexandra Seay.
As a multi-purpose performance venue operating 364 days a year, it is critical that change
overs between live shows and cinema events be ef ̨ cient and safe. With this support from
the Stark Family Foundation the Regent will be able to switch between live performance
and cinema setups with ease and continue to operate community cinema rentals (e.g.
Rushnell Free Family Movies, Mustang Mondays etc.) without having to pass costs on to
èWe are extremely grateful for the support of the Stark Family Fund and Parrott Foundation
for their contributions to the long-term stability of the Regent Theatre. This level ofsupport
from community-based family foundations is a testament to the impact of the Regent
Theatre on the community we serve.ê Benjamin Thornton, Board Chair
Working off recommendations made during a technical audit conducted in 2019 and
recommendations from technicians, the project will be overseen by Rick Boychuck of Grid
Well Inc working closely with KB Productions, Tidy Man Construction and other local
Both projects are underway and completion is scheduled for the end of the calendar year.


Media Contact:
Alexandra Seay | Executive Director, The Regent Theatre
(cell) 343-367-3151

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